Public Policy Research and Analysis

In today’s emerging economies, policy makers are confronted with enormous governance and development challenges with minimal or no sustainable solutions.  Many of the contemporary challenges either locally emerging or emanating from outside of their national boarders require new policy solutions that may not be present in the policy garbage can. Irrespective of the challenges, todays policy makers are in search for innovative, less costly and impactful public policy alternatives that are capable of informing long term strategic development. At the Center for Policy Analysis, a qualified, experienced and client focused team of policy analysts is on call to offer institutions as well as government, unpretentious, citizen-focused and innovative policy alternatives that have been reached at after cautious comprehensive and comparative applied policy research. CEPA is Uganda’s leading not for profit think tank engaged in parliamentary democracy and many of its policy and practice action areas have been adopted and implemented by the Parliament of Uganda.

Training and Professional Development in Policy Advocacy

Civil society actors from Uganda and the wider Eastern African region continue to lag behind their counterparts from other regions in having their policy advocacy inform government policy. CEPA’s training and professional development is intended to capacitate institutions and policy practitioners of the powerful role of state technocrats in public policy.  Training programmes are structured in a modular format to equip trainees with the skills to interrogate the role of bureaucrats in the policy process, enhance their skills to design and creatively deliver policy advocacy that is able to influence public policy design, review and evaluation.

Programme development, implementation and evaluation

Under this component, CEPA offers the following services:

  1. Comprehensive institutional and organisational capacity assessment
  2. Evaluation of development programs
  3. Organization and business strategy development
  4. Resource mobilization

Policy Advocacy and Engagement using new Social Media

At CEPA, we have evidence that Internet has revolutionized advocacy by providing non-conventional ways of engaging and reaching extensive audiences like never before.  Through our Parliament Watch portal ( we attest to the new ways of activism that can be employed by not for profits to sway public opinion and eventually influence policy makers. CEPA has built a strong e-infrastructure essential to sustaining several low-cost and highly effective online campaigns using its in-house technical expertise. We welcome not for profit organisations seeking new dynamic, effective and efficient ways to run campaigns and programmes to approach us.

Our Offices

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