The Center for Policy Analysis (CEPA) is an independent not-for-profit institution that conducts public policy training, research, analysis and advocacy within the sphere of parliamentary democracy. CEPA’s flagship programme is the Parliament Watch Uganda Initiative (,a virtual parliament of Uganda information portal and tracker that monitors the House on a regular basis and generates relevant data and analytical information, on one hand, and expert analysis and review on the other. CEPA has established a strategic alliance with parliament of Uganda with interventions tailored at strengthening the mandate and operations of parliament’s oversight function. CEPA envisions a more transparent, responsive and accountable Parliament, able to function effectively as a representative, autonomous, and strong pillar of democracy. As such CEPA’s programmes are designed to improve the transparency, accountability and responsiveness of Parliament through strengthening the institution’s internal structures and providing regular information, analysis and platforms for dialogue on legislative, budgeting and oversight processes in Parliament.


A leading African public policy think tank in parliamentary democracy


To foster people centered parliamentary democracy through provision of information and engagement platforms on the legislative, budgeting, and oversight processes in Parliament


  1. CEPA exercises transparency in all its undertakings
  2. CEPA is accountability to both its donors and beneficiaries
  3. CEPA is an equal opportunity employer
  4. CEPA values popular participation and consensus deliberation

Strategic Objectives

  1. To promote informed civic engagement with parliament and related democratic processes.
  2. To support the strengthening of parliament’s oversight and public accountability function for enhanced performance of public institutions
  3. To enhance the capacity of parliamentarians to develop and practice more accountable leadership
  4. To develop the institutional and organisational capacity of CEPA to effectively undertake its mandate.