China and Russia: The New Sheriffs in Africa and The Implication of A Multi-Polar Neo-Colonial Order on the Continent.

For close to four decades now neo colonialism was a preserve of the western bloc led by America and her appendages: The Bretton Woods Instit...

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Nwoya District: A sorry case of child marriages and teenage pregnancies

A women's consultative meeting in Nwoya. Photocredit: CEPA

Child marriage is a major violation of girl’s human rights as it denies young girls the right to education, health, equality and a life free...

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Inclusion and Protection of Refugee Rights: A case of Uganda

refugee image

Uganda continues to be the largest refugee hosting country in Africa with nearly 1.45 million refugees, which represents 3 percent of Uganda...

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The externalization of labour bill: Why Uganda needs to embrace but regulate the labour export industry

Photo credit: Hudah Nassali @hudahnassali

On the 28th of February, 2019, Hon. Arinaitwe Katambuka Rwakajara moved a motion seeking leave of parliament to introduce a private Member’s...

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Everybody is a potential refugee: Why we must uphold Refugee Rights


We should not only tolerate strangers but also love them. Refugees are just like the rest of the people, the only difference is that they ar...

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The state of human rights in Uganda: A question of law interpretation or predetermined violations?

Artist's depiction of police brutality in Uganda. Photo Credit: Chapter four Uganda

Human rights can’t wait! Without them, there is no freedom… there is no liberty. If only we recognized that everybody is born free and equal...

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Why don’t we look at impairment as a matter of diversity and not disability?

Photo credit: ILO

Disability is defined by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UN CRPPD) as resulting “from the interacti...

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Agriculture: Uganda’s Key to Sustainable Growth and Development

Photo Credit: DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme

As per routine, the first light of day finds my mother, an ordinary farmer, in her garden swinging a hoe down into the earth, digging narrow...

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The Dilemma of national dialogue as a means through which Uganda can realise the political change it aspires for.


BY TIMOTHY CHEMONGES For long I had been a strong supporter for a national dialogue in Uganda as a means through which we can realise peacef...

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Does Money Protect Women from Societal Oppression?

Eshban Kwesiga is the head of Programs as CEPA

Does Money Protect Women from Societal Oppression? By Eshban Kwesiga Does money protect women from societal oppression? This question has ha...

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