Grant Size; UGX 377,000,000

Duration: Two Years (2016/2017)

The USAID ( through the Uganda Governance, Accountability, Participation and Performance programme (GAPP) has contracted CEPA to implement the ‘Improving Local Government Accountability project. Under the support framework, CEPA will further its advocacy related to the implementation of the 14 policy and practice action areas intended to strengthen the oversight function of parliament. CEPA will also participate in the induction of members of the 10th parliament including the accountability committees on their roles in the public accountability cycle. To sustain the efforts by other actors such as FINMAP and GAPP, CEPA will facilitate Parliament’s Local Government Accounts Committee to conduct district outreaches. CEPA realizes the need to effectively engage other actors and the wider public in discussing and appreciating accountability issues handled in Parliament and in light of this will collaborate with the media, selected local governments, NGOs and communities in popularizing reports of the Auditor General and Parliamentary processes. These interventions will in the end strengthen the oversight role of Parliament and specifically enhance the central role of accountability committees in the accountability cycle.