• Salient Features of the Proposed Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Bill, 2015

    The need to reform the Sale of Goods Act to be compatible with contemporary economic realities and encourage private sector development in Uganda has led to the proposal of a new legislation to replace the existing Sale of Goods Act.
    The sale of Goods Act, Cap 82 which applies in Uganda is the current legal framework for the sale of goods between a buyer and a seller. It is a reproduction of the sale of Goods act 1893 of the United Kingdom, which was received under the Uganda order in Council, 1902 and made applicable to Uganda Statutes of General Application in force on 2nd August, 1902 in the United Kingdom.
    The Sale of Goods Act, Cap 82 which came into force on the 1st January 1932 by virtue of ordinance No.28 of 1930 has been over taken by events. Whereas its progenitor has evolved over time through various legislative reforms, the Ugandan Act has remained unchanged despite amendments to the Sale of Goods Act 1893.
    In this legal analysis, I shall examine the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Bill, 2015 (the Bill). In particular, I shall examine the salient features and objects of the Bill, Identify the defects in the current Act and examine how the Bill addresses the said defects assessing the Socio-economic impact of such correction on persons to be regulated by the Bill. In addition, I shall attempt to propose additions and subtractions as the case maybe.


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