CEPA Collaborates With the Ministry of Works and Transport to Evaluate the Transport Sector

The Ministry of Works and Transport through its Department of Policy and Planning and partners held its 1st Annual Integrated Transport Infrastructure and services (ITIS) Program Workshop on the 27th of January, 2022. The workshop reviewed the sector’s performance under the National Development Plan (NDP) III. The report tracks the performance (physical and financial) in implementing the planned annual program outputs and the extent and direction of movement towards the program’s annual results targets.

The workshop was held under the theme, “Securing our Future by Optimizing Transport Assets Performance”. Optimization of our transport assets will ensure greater accountability and improved performance of transport services. Well-maintained transport infrastructure ensures good connectivity and adds speed and efficiency to the Country’s progress and is essential for economic growth.

Under the Roads sub-sector, the Country has a total road network of 159,363 km which comprises 20,854 km of National Roads; 38,603 km of District Roads; 19,959km of Urban Roads and 79,947 km of Community Access Roads.

With this progress, the total paved stock of the national road network by the end of FY 2020/21 stood at 5,591km. As for the Road condition; the national road network in good to fair condition was 96.6% for paved and 81.7% for unpaved roads; this was above the NDP III targets of 85% and 80% respectively.

In this workshop, it was revealed that 890km of community access roads out of the targeted 1,269.6 km were rehabilitated. For KCCA roads, a total of 25.5km of roads were upgraded/ rehabilitated.

The Air transport sub-sector was most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak in the last quarter of FY 2019/20, and FY 2020/21. The overall traffic performance was negatively affected with both passengers and commercial aircraft movements performing below anticipated growth.

It was further indicated that the government has embarked on developing the Railway subsector to facilitate easy movement of heavy cargo across borders, with the support of Development Partners through rehabilitation of the Meter Gauge and the development of the Standard Gauge railway.

The Minister of Works noted that the development of inland water transport is one of the key priorities for the ITIS Program as it is one of the cheapest modes of transport.

The Minister of Works and Transport Gen. Katumba Wamala addressing stakeholders at the Joint Transport Sector Review workshop

The Minister of Works and Transport Gen Katumba Wamala noted that community access roads are the biggest pain points, and there is a need to increase our focus on those as we focus on the national roads.

“With the upcoming Parish Development Model, the need to improve our community access roads is big; otherwise, the produce from the communities will have a hard time making it to the market.”

He noted that for every $10 invested in infrastructure development, we should invest at least $3 in maintenance or elsewhere, it will not make sense to develop infrastructure and not maintain it.

Hon. Mary Goretti Kitutu further noted that the Ministry of Works needs to review and take over some roads from the local government management. Some of these roads should be elevated to national roads such that pressure on local government is reduced and eased.

Richard Rwabuhinga the President of ULGA decried the under funding to local governments towards road maintenance. He said that many districts operate at very limited budgets to maintain roads yet they have a big scope to cover. He appealed to the government to consider increasing funds majorly for maintenance works at the local government level. He said that this will make sense of the Parish Development Model that is now set to be implemented in all parishes

Hon. Sarah Opendi noted that there is a need for the government and other stakeholders to invest in alternative means of transport such as railway transport. She said that this will help to take off pressure exerted on the roads

Hon. Maurice Kibalya the Bugabula County MP noted that as the government reports on achievements in the different sectors, these achievements should not only be in figures but also visible and seen that cause a change in the lives of the people at the grassroot level.

The Ministry of Works and Transport through its Department of Policy and Planning and partners held its 1st Annual Integrated Transport Infrastructure and services

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