An Analysis of the Sexual Offences Bill, 2015: A Possible End to the increasing sexual offences in Uganda

This publication was authored by: Patricia Twasiima Bigirwa

Abstract / Summary

If the Police crime reports since 2011 are anything to go by, there continues to be an increase of rape and defilement cases for women and girls in Uganda. Despite existing provisions on the law prohibiting the sexual offences, such as the provisions in the Penal code on assault, indecent assault, defilement, rape, attempted rape, etc. the number of sex related offences has continued to increase with rape and defilement featuring most prominently. Over 197 cases have been reported in the media between June and September 2013, and the annual Police crime report of 2011 shows that 7,690 cases of rape and defilement were reported, yet sexual violence remains the least reported crimes due to incidences of blaming victims and victimization of survivors.