An Analytical Overview of Uganda’s Proposed Children (Amendment) Bill, 2015

This publication was authored by: Primah Kwagala

Abstract / Summary

In February 2015, two substantially similar Bills—both seeking to amend the Children’s Act, Chapter 59 of the Laws of Uganda, were presented to the public by the 9th Parliament of the Republic of Uganda. The first, ‘The Children (Amendment) (No 2) Bill, 2015’ was tabled on the floor of parliament by a private member of Parliament; Hon. Bernard Atiku representing Ayivu County. The second was ‘The Children (Amendment) Bill, No. 3 of 2015’ — an initiative of the Ministry of Gender and Social Development (MoGLSD). The two bills were gazetted on the same day, but Hon. Atiku’s Bill came first on the floor of Parliament. However, the Government has since withdrawn its version of the bill following criticisms that it was lacking in substance and amid allegations that the Government had forged a certificate of financial implication to thwart Hon. Bernard Atiku’s efforts.[1] This paper focuses on the private members bill, The Children (Amendment) (No 2) Bill, 2015, but where necessary some reference shall be made to government withdrawn bill, The Children (Amendment) Bill, No. 3 of 2015. The main objective of the bill is to amend the Children’s Act Cap 59, to enhance protection of children; to provide for guardianship of children; to strengthen the conditions for inter-country adoption; to prohibit corporal punishment; and to provide for related matters.

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