An Examination of the Uganda Retirement Benefits Sector Legal Regime, Challenges and Opportunities

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Abstract / Summary

Uganda has four main retirement benefits schemes. These include; the armed forces pension scheme, public service pension scheme, the national social security scheme and the parliamentary pension scheme.  Of these, the armed forces pension scheme is the oldest having been introduced in 1939 for the benefit of the former World War II fighters. The scheme has since been transformed to benefit officers and men of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF). The public service pension scheme on the other hand was set up to benefit public servants such as police and prison officers, teachers and nurses. The Parliament pension fund was more recently established for the benefit of members of parliament.[1] Under all these three schemes i.e. the armed forces scheme, public service pension scheme and the parliament pension fund, a beneficiary receives what is referred to as a defined benefit which comprises of gratuity and a life pension.