Beyond the Name- Assessing the Independence of Uganda’s New Electoral Commission.

This publication was authored by: Susan Alupo Arnold Kwesiga

Abstract / Summary

The disputed electoral processes and results that precipitated the National Resistance Army-led guerrilla war of 1980 continue to serve as a major reference point for causes of crisis and instability in Uganda.  Though there are other factors responsible for the country’s long years of unrest and dictatorial regimes that need to be seriously interrogated to prepare Uganda for a peaceful transition of power, the importance of popular trust and respect for the electoral body cannot be overstated.  A totally respected and independent electoral body that has the capacity to shape the process and receipt of election results by the citizenry should be every leader’s priority. It is premised on the position that ‘free and fair elections are the hallmark of a well functioning democracy, and the foundation of a legitimate and stable government.