Data Protection In The Digital Age: An Analysis of Uganda’s Data Protection And Privacy Bill, 2015

This publication was authored by: Irene Ikomu

Abstract / Summary

While Article 27 of Uganda’s constitution provides for citizens’ right to privacy, there is no law to protect an individual’s data privacy despite the large amounts of citizen data collected by government departments and private entities on a regular basis. New rules passed by the Uganda Communications Commission to streamline citizen bio data are well intended but there are concerns about how feasible the implementation is. More concerning, is that this data is collected with no guarantee of its protection and privacy. Existing legislation prohibit unauthorised access and disclosure of information. Current laws include; the Access to Information Act 2005, Uganda Communications Act, 2013, Electronic Signatures Act 2011, Computer Misuse Act 2011, and the Regulation of Interception of Communication Act 2010. However, the provisions in these laws are not elaborate and do not adequately protect personal data. This policy paper will review the opportunities and gaps within the provisions of the Data Protection and Privacy Bill and whether it will effectively protect citizen’s data.