Ignored or Forgotten? Uganda’s Duty to the People of Karamoja

This publication was authored by: Godiva Akullo Monica

Abstract / Summary

Karamoja is made up of five districts namely Abim, Kabong, Kotido, Moroto and Nakapirpirit which are found in North Eastern Uganda. The region borders both South Sudan and Kenya. Karamoja’s climate is harsh. In many areas rains do not often exceed 800millimeters per year sometimes hovering around a mere 500 millimeters (at least 1000 millimeters is needed to sustain people in a land without infrastructure). In recent years, drought has become more frequent and severe. The region has once again been hit by famine that has led to the deaths of about 20 people. Hon. Aleper Simon, the representative for Moroto Municipality informed Parliament of the plight of the people in Karamoja in his submission during a recent plenary session. “Our call to Government is for them to step up, so that we don't lose more people to famine.” He begged.