Independent MPs in the 10th Parliament: Same Script, Different Cast

This publication was authored by: Center for Policy Analysis

Abstract / Summary

‘Parliament’ obtains from the French word “parle”, which means “to speak.” It was the rationale of the Athenian model to have a select few people to represent the bulk of the population in the Voulí ton Ellínon, the Parliament of Greece. Centuries later, parliaments have evolved into numerous variants featuring uni-cameral, bi-cameral and tri-cameral chambers; majority and minority sides among others. The emergence of non-aligned members of parliament is a unique development that has found its way even to nascent and struggling democracies. Motivations however might be different. Whereas the decision to run on an independent ticket might be influenced by a principled stance in some cases, it is also sometimes motivated—particularly in infant polities—by short term views.