Africa Development Summit 2019

Starts: Thursday, 3 October 2019 - 00:00am
Ends: Thursday, 3 October 2019 - 00:00am
Location: Makerere University
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Activity Report

The African Development Summit was held on 3rd, October, 2019 at Makerere University Main Hall, under the theme, “Young people at the center of development”. It was organized by the Center for Policy Analysis (CEPA) in conjunction with the Uganda Youth Network (UYONET). The Summit brought together vibrant youth from various professions and disciplines to discuss issues of youth inclusion in governance and leadership, economic inclusion and science and technology. It was agreed that young people should actively and meaningfully involve in politics and leadership of their country through vying for political positions and supporting fellow youth to win since they are the majority. It was discussed that the issue of monetization of the Ugandan politics keeps the majority of young people at the fringes of the political system and hence they cannot participate meaningfully in the decision making processes since they lack the ‘financial muscle.’ The young people have science, technology and the internet at their disposal and should utilize them to steer growth and development. Through innovations and technological development by the youth, the continent can reach the kind of development we want. The use of social media and other internet platforms for online marketing for the services and products for the young people was highly emphasized. Government was pointed at as having a role to play in ensuring that the young people are involved in the economic development processes without leaving anyone behind. Financial inclusion for the youth is another pertinent issue that should not be overlooked by those entrusted with power and leadership. The Ugandan youth need to compete globally in innovation and technology to foster the development of their country and Africa at large. Parliament needs to fast-track the Employment Amendment Bill regarding the rights of domestic workers. The youth led organizations and other stakeholders should push for an amendment of the National Local Content Bill to provide at least 30% of local contracts and 30% of the jobs in the public works contract to the youth.